Meet Emma

Posted on June 14, 2016


Hi! I’m Emma Rose, a twenty-something Minneapolis, Minnesota native, new wife, 5th grade teacher, and lover of all things homemade. I enjoy spending my free time making DIY home decor, gifts, jewelry, up-cycled trash-to-treasure projects, and delicious things to eat and drink with my loved ones.


My obsession with creating things has been a long time coming. As a kid, I would often accompany my dad to craft fairs or just out and about shopping, where he would see a piece of art, decor or furniture, and typically respond with “I could make that!” And sure enough, he often did – he would recreate the things he saw, using some simple building skills and creative innovations. I was lucky enough to be his “assistant” for many weekends of building and experimenting. Over a decade later, I now find myself saying “I can make that!”, and figuring out affordable and interesting ways to make things my own.


My passion for food originated from two parents who loved to cook and bake, and encouraged me to do the same. I love making meals that are not only nutritious, but delicious – it’s my theory that healthy food should taste good, and I don’t eat anything that I don’t love. I’m also a firm believer in balance in food and fitness. For every salad or smoothie I eat, you better believe there’s some chocolate and wine to balance it out!


In August 2016, my husband, Steve, and I embarked on a new adventure:  buying a house! We bought a beautiful 150-year-old farmhouse in small town Wisconsin, and my spare time ever since has been filled with decor projects and minor renovations to make it feel like a home. I have the best of both worlds: working in St. Paul, Minnesota, where I get my city fix, and living in a quaint Wisconsin river town, where I get my fill of nature, wonderful people, and unique experiences.


 In my opinion, there is nothing more satisfying than starting with a bunch of basic ingredients, simple materials, or something old and “useless”, and turning it into something amazing. I can’t wait to share my passion for creation with all of you! Thank you for joining me on this adventure, and I hope we can inspire each other!

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