My Lilac Love Affair

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on May 18, 2017

Since we moved into our house at the end of the summer last year, this spring has been an interesting experiment as we see the plants that grow in our yard. About a month ago, I made an exciting discovery. I was in the backyard with Cyder, at the edge of the yard where we have several bushes. It was there that I noticed something wonderful. 

I immediately ran into the house and proceeded to freak Steven out by running around the house giddy with excitement over the fact that we have four lilac bushes in our yard. If you know me, you know I have a thing for lilacs. 

Growing up, lilacs were my mom’s favorite flower, and my sister and I would run down the street, scissors and a vase in hand, every spring to pick a bouquet for Mother’s Day. Something about the smell and the tiny delicate flowers left a huge impression on me. Even after leaving home, lilacs became my favorite flower, and I would hunt them down every spring to be able to have some in my home, even for just a few days.

Last spring during preparations for our wedding, I talked to my amazing cousin/florist about the possibility of having lilacs in my wedding bouquet. She gently warned me that since lilacs only bloom for a short period of time, finding them for a June 3rd wedding would be a long shot. I accepted that it was probably not an option, until the day before the wedding, when I drove through Lake City, MN on my way to our wedding venue. There, all by themselves on the side of the road, I saw them – a row of perfect lilac bushes still in bloom! 

Which is exactly how, on my wedding day, I ended up waking up at 6 AM to go for a little drive and a mission all by myself. I was armed once again with a pair of scissors, and a bucket that my mom scored from our waiter at dinner the night before (thanks, mom!). I drove to Lake City, ran to the lilac bushes and found every single bloom I could possibly fit into a bucket. I was bound and determined to have lilacs on my wedding day. I can only imagine what the people driving by must have thought of the girl on the side of the highway, picking lilacs at 6 AM. The whole drive back to our hotel, I inhaled the sweet scent of lilacs and enjoyed the calm time before an incredibly busy and surreal day. 

My lovely sister and maid of honor was happy to help put lilacs in our ceremony decor, and the end result was beautiful – just the right pop of color along the aisle. 

My sweet husband doesn’t quite get my obsession with these flowers. I stop at every bush I see while we’re out on a walk with the dog or exploring on the weekends, in order to take yet another picture and smell the characteristic scent. He just laughs at me impatiently, but I can’t resist!  

Now, as I fill every vase, basket and jar in our home with fresh lilacs, I’m feeling incredibly nostalgic – for my childhood, my homes throughout the years and for our wedding day, which was almost a year ago! I think it’s so crazy how a scent can bring back so many memories, but I’m so very thankful that I’ll get to relive these memories year after year, with the beautiful lilacs in our yard. 

With our 1 year wedding anniversary coming up in just a couple weeks, I have a couple more wedding-related posts for you coming up soon. I can’t help but think back to our beautiful wedding day! But for now, I want to know: do you have a flower or scent that has special significance to you? What’s the story behind it? I’d love to hear from you! 

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